Success: It's the Journey not the Outcome

Darion & Varion

Darion and Varion speak on the difficulties they experienced on their unlikely path to thier Master Degrees.. They explain that one's success in life is not necessarily about the final outcome, but rather, the journey one takes to get there. In this poignant keynote, they share personal anecdotes to prove that the lessons they learned along the way have been far more valuable than the outcomes themselves.

Life Balance: Faith, Family - Then Everything Else

Darion & Varion

Darion and Varion discuss how they balance  life by keeping their  faith at the forefront. Their unwavering faith in Christ and devotion to their family as brothers, and uncles are the sources of  thier strength, allowing them to be mentally, physically, and emotionally sound for their future endeavors. In this inspiring talk, Darion and Varion explain that once you've figured out your priorities, everything else simply falls into place.

It's All About Perspective


Based on Varion's experience as a child and adult twin, he shares stories about thriving in life and building positive relationships with others along the way. His messages include the importance of self-respect, honest communication, and acceptance of others. Youth and adults will be inspired to embrace differences to build a better community... and a better world

Thriving Against All Odds


Everyone must overcome hurdles to reach their potential. Varion recounts stories about how he has overcome his greatest challenges. He outlines his best strategies for "finding a way forward," which often means taking unconventional paths to reach goals. He provides plenty of examples of how to use creative problem solving skills and have the courage to take risks in life. He invites audiences to share their stories and helps them begin to devise plans to break through the barriers they face.

Transformational Leadership: Evolve, Adapt, Inspire - Varion

To Varion, leadership is not about assigning tasks or delegating – it is about inspiring those around you to achieve a greater good, while empowering them to take charge of the tasks at hand. Oftentimes, leaders get too caught up in the details while failing to see the bigger picture: that what makes a good leader is the ability to adapt and evolve, while cultivating employees to become successful and accountable without micromanaging them. In this presentation, Varion shares his personal story – how he overcame adversity and went on to become a highly successful leader in both the community college and University he attended – relating it to leadership audiences from all walks of life.

My Why Is.. and It's Greater Than... - Darion

In a presentation filled with touching stories and humorous anecdotes, that’s geared especially for youth, Darion talks about his childhood and how he bounced back from health issues, prejudice, and failure. It’s a talk that inspires youth to retain their optimism and dreams no matter what life throws their way. He turns the focus on your audience by devoting extra time for questions and answers. This results in a highly productive discussion with audience members about the issues they face every day.

Live Your Legend- Darion

Darion focuses on remaining true to yourself and thinking big to achieve your potential despite any physical, emotional, or social challenges. He helps individuals look inward to discover and leverage the traits that can spark lasting inspiration. He provides practical advice he has used over the years to launch your audience on their journey to an extraordinary life. In this presentation, Darion defines what it means to set your mind to accomplishing your wildest dreams. Using sport analogies and personal stories, he inspires audiences to run towards their dreams rather than walk. His encouraging and powerful message will help others believe in themselves, remain persistent and ultimately embrace their flaws to achieve their goals.

The Transformative Power of Education - Darion

Keynote speaker Darion is committed to being a positive influence and helping kids find the support they need to enact change. Pointing out that a high school student drops out every nine seconds. He says that public servants – the teachers, mentors, and volunteers who work with our youth – are as imperative to our national standing and survival as are our armed forces. "Public service does not have to be an occupation," he says, "but it must be a way of life."